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CBD zoo – Because we love them
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Legal and safe CBD oil thats professionally tested

Pet store owners find it difficult to find legal and safe CBD oil especially made for animals, which are also completely natural without solvents or CO2 extract.
We offering legal, safe, tested, natural CBD oil and other hemp products especially made for animals

How we can help you

Here is what we offer


The cat is a sensitive individual who just deserves the best.
Our CBD oil for cats and Active Hemp CAT, used by many cat owners and shelters around Europe, is just right for the cat


Although the dog is tough and can withstand most of the food it finds in the house and in the wild, you want to be sure what you sell to your customer is safe.
CBD oil for dogs and Active Hemp DOG are safe products that is lab tested several times.


The horse has a sense of what’s good for it. That is why the horses love Active Hemp HORSE, a product that has been in our range since 2014.

Seth Sjöblom and CBDZOO

Unique support from dog coach Seth Sjöblom.

Dog coach Seth Sjöblom has 50 years of dog life behind him, specializing in dogs’ natural behavior. Seth is on hand to support you as a customer of our products. Since 2014, Seth Sjöblom has worked with our Hemp for animals in his rehabilitation of dog, horse and cat.

Seth Sjöblom works throughout Sweden to rehabilitate dogs with severe behavioral problems such as, aggressiveness, fear and anxiety caused by various traumas. Seth has long experience of various disease symptoms in animals such as e.g. Epilepsy where he also conducted a successful study for dogs.

Giving oil to an animal is about more than the weight, the type of breed and age that you can read from a table, it is also about symptoms and information from research and long experience in animal behavior.

Seth is in contact with leading research universities in the world and in this way also gets to know about the latest in research.

It is the security and unique support that we can offer you as a dear customer

How To Get Started

All it takes is 3 simple steps

1. Get in touch via phone or email

Contact us, together we will find out which is the best way for you to sell our products

2. Sign up to become a wholesaler

It is easy to apply to become a wholesaler. Just click on the button below and fill out the form.

3. Start selling our legal, safe and natural CBD products

How do you want to sell our products? Or do you want your own product with your own label?

Start Selling The Best CBD Oil For Pets

It’s no secret that CBD is a strong trend that is expected to grow a lot.
Many pet owners have discovered CBD and its many benefits. Therefore, the demand for safe and tested natural CBD products is high.
When selling CBD zoo natural products:
● You can sell CBD oil that is legal and safe for your customers pets
● You can make money and benefit from the CBD trend
● You know you always will be able to help your pet if needed